Lipstick Under My Burkha - My Thoughts

Feminism depicted the right way !

I can't stress this enough. This movie is by far the most accurate depiction of Feminism that I have seen. I won't argue on Deepika Padukone's view of feminism and her choices. Nor I would comment anything on Priyanka Chopra's statement that she only needs …

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Reddit Gold

I have been a reddit user for a month now. Mostly I am active at subreddit NoFap. Now please don't ask me what is that ( :P). Recently I have been using it for NLP and Machine Learning based subreddits as well. It's a good place to ask / know about stuff …

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House Prediction using Regression on Kaggle

I have started participating in Kaggle now. And I think I am starting to like it. So I started by learning Regression and this is the first ML problem I have attempted after 5 months since my resignation. I know, I know. The girl issue was on my mind for …

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Another mistake of my life.

Love makes you weak, not strong. Especially when it is done out of fear.

It hurts ! ya know. I have been so fucking depressed for 2 months and I constantly had the fear that someday you'll stop talking to me. Heck, I even put you on priority before my family …

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Free SSL using Let's Encrypt

Never knew setting up SSL was this easy. Do try this Let's Encrypt. In case you haven't noticed see the green tick on this domain too.

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