Experience using multiple monitors.

Yesterday I set up the old monitor of my desktop to use with my laptop as an external monitor. I must say that the experience so far has been awesome. Example scenario where using a external secondary monitor may be helpful are:

  • Your screen is clean. Infact very clean. On …

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Understanding Big-Oh Notation

The Big-Oh Notation is generally used for asymptotic analysis of an algorithms running time which is expressed as a function of input size \(N\). So if an algorithms running time is \(T(N)\) then Big-Oh notation is used for supressing the effect of any constants involved with \(T(N)\).

Formal …

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Analysis of Merge Sort Algorithm

MergeSort is a commonly used algorithm for sorting.

The running time analysis of Merge Sort algorithm is described in the post. The code is given below:

def merge(A, B):
    i = 0
    j = 0
    C = []

    while i < len(A) and j < len(B):
        if A[i] < B[j]:
            C.append …

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What is logarithm anyway ?

I always forget what logarithm is. So here it is

If \(x^y=z\)
Then \(log_x(z)=y\)

A rather straight forward way to remember it is

A logarithm of number z to base x is the number of times you keep on dividing z by x until it equals …

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Enums in Java

It's been a long time since I posted anything here. I was just too busy with my office and the weekends were hectic too. So recently I ordered Head First Object-Oriented Analysis and Design and have just skimmed through 20 pages and learned about enums in Java.

What are enums …

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