Feminism depicted the right way !

I can't stress this enough. This movie is by far the most accurate depiction of Feminism that I have seen. I won't argue on Deepika Padukone's view of feminism and her choices. Nor I would comment anything on Priyanka Chopra's statement that she only needs a guy to have children. Boys are Boys - Mulayam Singh Yadav and the ridiculous suggestion of Om Prakash Chautala to marry of girls at an early age to prevent rape, is another story that reveals the fact that most of us have a vague and possibly fucked up idea of gender equality.

However this movie is something different. The movie is narrated in a beautiful way using Rosy (You may assume this is an abstract class). Rosy is a women who has dreams, desires, her own choices, and her own free will. Leela, Usha-Ji, Rehana and Shirin are the concrete classes that extend this Rosy abstract class. And with their own attributes and overriding behaviours they do a wonderful job of explaining the core idea in a 2 hours masterpiece. If you haven't already watched it, you should watch it right now. No spoilers.