I have been a reddit user for a month now. Mostly I am active at subreddit NoFap. Now please don't ask me what is that ( :P). Recently I have been using it for NLP and Machine Learning based subreddits as well. It's a good place to ask / know about stuff with people who share similar kind of interests or goals.

Out of the blue, I thought maybe I should donate some Reddit Gold. A reddit gold is basically nothing but a sort of donation you make, that helps keep the reddit servers running. It also makes your Reddit experience slightly better. For instance, you can opt to hide ads instead of running Adblocker. Because let's just face it - For a site like reddit if you are blocking ads which are primarily the main source of their server costs, then it's not justified at all. I believe they obviously deserve it. I actually felt quite good that I have helped in keeping up Reddit servers running for 31.08 hours.

I also got a cool snoovatar.
My Reddit Snoovatar

I also wish to contribute to Reddit's engine in future as well. It is written in Python so I guess I should feel a bit at home when contributing over there. I am just waiting for some cool feature idea to pop up in my mind.

If you are not using it already, then you should probably start using it.